Monday, January 17, 2011

Rule; obey or disobey?

Can i make a rule for myself? of course i can. :)
can i obey the rule that i myself made it for myself? yup! if you want to. ;)
what would happen if i disobey the rule? damage to yourself, perhaps. ;)

now let me ask.

why you want to make the RULE? because.. finish work on time
will you obey the rule that you made? hurmmm.. i will try. nobody perfect isn't it? (cliche)
why exactly you wanted so much to make the rule again?? err..hoping that i would discipline myself a lil bit, perhaps. by doing work on work before i were urged to do it. a good student..
ok. if the rule was obeyed, it will be just fine. BUT, what if you disobey the rule? should you be punished? er..should there be any punishment?? this is my rule! let me be! so busybody la you! go away!

p/s:campak ini org dlm laut.

*gamba ni xde kaitan. ;)