Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Veil for rent!

Assalammualaikum wbt.

Ok. straight to the point. I have this one lovely veil that at first i bought it to wear on my E-day. turn out our e-day theme changed. so tak dapat pakai veil ni. 

Then plan to wear it on our solemnization day but we both just decided to wear other than white for nikah. kalau pakai warna lain pastu ttba veil putih macam pelikkk je. huhu.. so tak mau lah.


Sangat sayang if veil yg cantik ini terbiar begitu sahaja di dalam closet. Thinking of letting it go if anyone interested too. but at the moment i open it for rent. 

So, brides-to-be out there if you are interested pls email me at faezah.kalid@gmail.com.

Below are the veil pictures. have a look! ;)

Closer look. The veil has 3D flowers. 

D-shaped veil. *lupe nk amek measurement!*

ok sy petite je (149cm kot.huhu..). tp bila diri veil ni labuh sampai area pinggul camtu.  so for normal height, i think i just nice if you wear it. *nvmind i'll give the measurement later ^_^*

Okay. Anything just emailed me! ;) chau chin chauuu~~


  1. interested in the veil. pls pm me at dewishah@cpoc.com.my

  2. Hi dear.email u just now...msg me at 0122244769

  3. Hi dear.email u just now...msg me at 0122244769